The councilor of Social Justice and LGTBI, Sonias Vivas, and representatives of the entities Ella Global Community, Chriysalis and Baleares Diversa attended the presentation of the activities to be held in Palma to commemorate ‘Pride 2022, to be held between 18 and 28 June.

Palma Pride Week

The entity Ella Global Community is in charge of the organization of this thematic week that from June 18 to 28 will offer more than seventy very diverse proposals, which have the collaboration of different local LGTBI entities.

The program kicks off on Saturday 18 in the park of Sa Feixina where the official opening of the Palma Pride Week will take place with performances by dj’s Alma Linda, Daniel Sea and Ana Flor, as well as the show of Invertidas and Petardas Pride.

Palma Pride Week brings together a whole series of proposals aimed at different audiences, among which we find all kinds of activities such as concerts, master classes, performances, different dynamics, a storyteller, round tables, workshops, talks, theme nights, etc.

The closing party of Palma Pride Week will be held in Sa Possessió on Saturday June 25, although the activities will continue until Monday 27.

As explained the councilor Sonia Vivas, “I am very pleased to have managed to get this celebration to go ahead, I think all entities deserve it and have worked hard to get it. It is very important to make them visible; innovation is never easy, but we have lost our fear”.

As part of the Pride celebration, on June 24 at 8 p.m. at the Catalina Valls Municipal Theater, the play “Fulana & Mengana: cosas de muertas” (Fulana & Mengana: things of the dead) will be performed.

The full program of Pride 2022 with all the activities can be found on the website of the City Council



Rally and street party

On the other hand, on Tuesday June 28, the entity Ben Amics will celebrate its traditional demonstration and verbena, an initiative that has the support of the consistory.

The march will leave the Plaza of Spain at 19 h and will end at the Plaza de Cort, where they will enjoy a verbena party until 01 h.

Show Out!

From Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th June at the Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza will take place the fifth edition of the Mostra Out!

The Out! Festival is the LGTBIQ+ film festival, which addresses the affective, sexual and gender diversity that exists in our society, through cinema, with a selection of feature films, documentaries and short films that show realities of different parts of the world.

June 28: Pride Day

June 28th is commemorated as Gay, Lesbian, Trans and Bisexual Pride Day. The origin of this celebration dates back to the events of June 28, 1969, following a police raid on a popular American gay bar.

The LGTBI community took to the streets to show their rejection and a strong confrontation took place, which ended with arrests and injuries. The reaction of support for the people attacked was immediate: thousands of people demonstrated in solidarity and contributed to the birth of social and protest movements to fight for the rights of the LGTBI community.

This day is celebrated as a festive and vindictive day to demand full legal and social equality for LGTBI people. It is the day of celebration of the feeling of dignity of LGTBI people and the traditional symbols of affective, sexual and gender diversity predominate: the pink triangles and the multicolor flag, created by the artist Gilbert Baker and exhibited for the first time in San Francisco during a parade held in 1978.

The concept of pride is used to emphasize the idea that no person should be ashamed of who they are, with the aim of conveying the intrinsic dignity of every human being, which should not be affected by their gender identity or expression or by their sexual orientation.