Slow living

The pandemic hangover of previous months has given way to a relative calm, despite the dreaded ups and downs that we already know, but a relative calm that we celebrate -of course!-. We are getting closer to reaching solid ground and, do you know the best part? There is room for everyone. Our beloved island, the one that we have had the opportunity to passionately rediscover, offers countless places to feel safe, to catch a breath, to regain that peace that has been shaken so much.

With this purpose, to regain balance, Mallorca Caprice has tried to bring together in this edition a careful selection of beautiful coves and beaches. You will agree with me that we deserve to return to enjoy the small pleasures, of our time and environment, of the present. And we can’t think of a better way to do it other than from the mettle and the deepest respect for the environment, which we already claimed in 2020 with “Our lovely blue”.

Surely you are familiar with the term ‘slow living’, that alternative philosophy of life that seeks to rescue the natural rhythm of things. We have been captivated and we invite you to delve into it through our pages. It is very likely that you will be hooked too! And, who knows, maybe your brother, your neighbor, your coworker… Taking your foot off the gas to be happier sounds like an old recipe but today more than ever it becomes unavoidable. For your sake, for everyone’s, for the planet. We would like to hear again, and enjoy, the heartbeat of knowing how to live.

Editor Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas


Mallorca comes up suddenly

This new edition of Mallorca Caprice by Mallorca Global focuses on the challenge of Mallorca to regain its international tourism leadership after the long period of confinements, which has meant a drop in the tourism industry and the insular GDP -the lowest in Spain- like never happened before.

In addition to the voices of tourism experts such as Inmaculada Benito, director of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports at the CEOE, or the sociologist Lluís Ballester, Mallorca Caprice publishes interviews with leading figures, such as the writer and academic Carme Riera; the UN Special Envoy for the Ocean, Peter Thomson, and the CEO of Lionsgate and Gallery Red, Drew Aaron, among other relevant opinions.

People, Gastronomy, Culture, Travel and Sports sections emphasize insular visions that deserve to be disseminated in a moment as special as that of the social and economic Recovery of the Balearic Islands.

Finally, in the same line of raising post-pandemic knowledge of Mallorca, two special notebooks are included: Golf and Home and Decoration.

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Our lovely blue

We open Mallorca Caprice 2020/2021 with the title Our Lovely Blue to convey the need to put the focus on our beloved and desired sea, our much praised Mediterranean, with outstanding quotes and extensive information on the quality and dangers of its flora and fauna. We invite you to browse through these pages to learn more about one of our most valued and beautiful treasures of nature, which embraces and beautifies our beloved island, and so we can reach the conclusion that we must be aware of the need to preserve it before its deterioration becomes irreversible.

From here, I urge you to re-educate ourselves and those who follow us, and to make us all aware of how important it is to protect our sea, our common treasure, which gives us so much and to which we give back so little. It is time for us to take action on its protection.
To do something for it everyday. And tell our neighbours about it. I love the sea. It transmits all that is good. Freedom. Silence. Calm. Smell. Light. Life. Strength. Beauty. Welcoming. Confidence. Because it is unique. We hope to do our bit in caring for the extreme richness of the sea. From Our Lovely Blue. You can do so. Pass it on, please.

Editor Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas

mallorca caprice 2020 banner


Special Traditional Shops

We take our hats off !

Do I like hats? I do! I am passionate about hats, they are beautiful and versatile. To browse around local markets, see the latest models, as well as the most traditional ones, and try them on, makes me undoubtedly look forward to taking one home. Through this accessory, which is so deeply rooted in our culture, I would like to expose the artisanal tradition that remains firmly embedded in our islands culture. We have created the hat that appears on the front page from beginning to end, working with our islands typical pattern, la nostra tela de llengües. We aim thereby to acknowledge the effort of the most emblematic businesses of Mallorca and Ibiza, which have adapted to the current trends in society and for having survived all the commercial changes of these past years. We take our hats off to them.

Editor Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas


Enjoy our Secrets

Dear readers, before anything I would like to thank you for participating in ‘Enjoy our Secrets’ here at Mallorca Caprice. Using your votes we have been able to make an extensive list of the most unique corners of Mallorca and Ibiza, featuring in our issue this year. They are places we all appreciate and that show the Balearic Islands from their most beautiful side. Not all of them are on the list, but all those listed are.

I didn’t know all the places myself, but with my hiking shoes, my rucksack and above all my mountain walking friends, I will get to each and every one of these new corners to see the most beautiful parts of Mallorca and its sister island, Ibiza. The latter island has always been a favourite of mine thanks to its magic nights, parties, music, beautiful and exuberant people.

Editor Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas


This is Hollywood

The quest for happiness has concerned humanity since time immemorial. Where is it to be found? A question that has no simple answer or formula. And of course, everyone has their own personal opinion.
For me, happiness is Majorca, Ibiza, Minorca…the islands. Knowing how and being able to savour that much longed-for and highly-acclaimed ‘lifestyle’. Here happiness pervades the air, sea and land. The huge and the minute. The visible and the invisible. It has to be said that our islands offer exactly what it takes to experience many moments of happiness. More than what it takes in fact. Happiness is out there; all you have to do is know how to seize it and enjoy it to the full. This is what the Mediterranean can do for you, creating a vision that teaches you how to appreciate the simple as well as the complex things of life, for complexity is formed by a wealth of elementary visions.
It comes as no surprise that many of the visitors to our islands come in search of those values. Among them we find many Hollywood stars, the theme of this latest issue of our publication.
This year’s Mallorca Caprice reveals the names of these illustrious visitors. We are celebrating our fifth anniversary with a magazine packed with leisure, gastronomy, services and glamour. Ideas that will enable you to grasp, albeit fleetingly, that much longed-for state of happiness.

Editor Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas


Exclusive Mediterranean lifestyle

An island, a world. That’s the Balearic Islands. Little autonomous universes, surrounded by the sea. The distance between them can be done in a few hours, but you may find many difficulties in going from one to the other. This contrasts need no deep analysis from the great traveler: they can be sensed straight away on arrival. You touch the ground and that’s it. You are in a different galaxy.
That’s the reason why this year’s Mallorca Caprice edition is so special. Because for the first time we dedicate a part of the edition to Ibiza. In this way, we have the opportunity of offering a diverse product to our readers. As diverse as the Balearic Islands themselves.

Editor Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas


Exclusive Mediterranean lifestyle

Luxury. What is luxury? There has been talk over recent years of the growth of the high-end product range. Of the promising business of quality. But do we really know what this is all about? And more importantly, are we aware of how far we can go?
A dip in the sea at sunset. A meal on a terrace overlooking the sea. Admiring the beauty of the landscape. Peace and quiet. This is luxury, too. Luxury with a capital L. The Balearic Islands, with their beaches, their natural beauty and their legendary tranquillity, broaden the concept of quality, into meanings yet to be explored. Something which gives them enormous potential in the sector of mid and highend tourism.
We shouldn’t forget that Europe is the epicentre of luxury business. It is estimated that the continent attracts 75% of the global market, which last year registered a turnover of 865 billion euros. Luxury consumers are changing, too. The Baby Boomers and Generation X, who up until now have been its users, are now being joined by those known as Millennials, born between 1984 and 1995. Lovers of the digital age and of nature. Needless to say, the Balearic Islands are ideally placed to attract this profile.

Editor Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas


Exclusive Mediterranean lifestyle

There is no question about it: Majorca is now rapidly consolidating its position as an exclusive, top quality destination. The Barceló-Formentor concerts, with leading artists such as Zubin Mehta and now Daniel Barenboim; the fashion show in Es Baluard featuring the creations of Custo Dalmau, an international designer who presents his collections at the New York Fashion Week; the Iberostar Son Antem concept store, stocking all the top fashion names; the superb exhibitions organised by la Caixa, such as ‘Nordic Landscapes in El Prado’ featuring works by Rubens and Brueghel, etc-; works by avant-garde artists on display at the Horach and Pelaires galleries; Palma’s International Boat Show, attended by leading Spanish and international companies; as well as top name firms; and other exciting private and public initiatives have restored the island’s global image as an attractive, ambitious destination with a highly visible profile. The determination to look ahead to the future is clear; the road is slow yet steady and the outlook bright. It is a challenge we have all taken on, the result of a much-evoked and sought-after drive and determination. Welcome to the 2014 edition of the exclusive Mediterranean lifestyle.

Editora Mallorca Caprice. Elena Ordinas