‘Cinema a la fresca’ is back from August 3

July 23rd, 2021|

This year's 'Cinema a la fresca' program includes the screening of a total of 18 films in Ses Voltes between August 3 and September 11 For the second year in a row, Ses Voltes will be the setting for an already traditional event on Palma's summer agenda: 'Cinema a la [...]

Award ceremony for the contest “Mallorca: Reconciliation gazes”

June 28th, 2021|

The winners of the contest "Mallorca: The looks of reconciliation" received their respective awards at the headquarters of the Mallorca Global agency, a marketing and communication workshop. The three winners of the photography modality and the two of the video [...]

Green light for the British to travel to the Balearic Islands

June 25th, 2021|

The British authorities have announced that the Balearic Islands will enter the green list of risk trips due to COVID-19 soon. While the rest of the autonomous communities remain on the amber list, the archipelago will receive British tourists very [...]

  • Luis Nigorra, entrevista golf

Luis Nigorra: “Mallorca is a paradise for the golf industry”

June 25th, 2021|

Luis Nigorra Cobián has been president of the Spanish Association of Golf Courses (AECG) since March. A non-profit business organization created to defend the interests of the Spanish Golf industry. Nigorra, who makes this new position compatible with the presidency [...]

The Balearic Islands say goodbye to masks

June 23rd, 2021|

Armengol approves the decision taken by the Central Government and describes as "very good" the health situation in the archipelago  As of Saturday, June 26, the obligation to wear a mask in open spaces throughout the Spanish territory is removed. [...]

Suculenta, a young promise

June 23rd, 2021|

It opened its doors on April 16 and is already a recognized corner. Suculenta brings together residents and visitors on a daily basis at the Marina Tramontana dock in Port de Sóller. Javier Bermudo lights the stoves on time with [...]

  • salud-mental-baleares-psicologos

Chronicle of an anticipated downfall

June 18th, 2021|

Psychologists warn of the lack of professionals to face a mental health pandemic, one which they anticipated over a year ago. Text: Raúl Beltrán. “Every day, I have less desire to go out and contact with people feels suffocating. I [...]

  • que ver en capdepera mallorca

Capdepera: treasure of the Mallorcan Llevant

June 16th, 2021|

From the top of its castle, Capdepera shows the heritage and natural wealth of a municipality that, in fewer words, has it all. Culture, heritage, hiking trails and beaches are the bastions of a village in which any visitor has [...]

  • que ver en andratx (Camp de Mar)

Andratx: a unique place with a natural harbor

June 16th, 2021|

Known as “la vila” among the local population and a must for those who wish to explore the Serra de Tramuntana, Andratx has inspired writers and artists due to its great natural wealth and historical value. The small coves, the [...]

  • mallorca pide paso caprice

Mallorca comes up

June 10th, 2021|

The island faces recovery with hope and a renewed consciousness. Text: Virginia Servera. Anxiety, fear, decay. Irritability and restlessness. Feeling hopeless about the future and loss of pleasure from doing things that once motivated us. To a greater or lesser [...]

  • editorial jose e iglesias

Mallorca’s time (editorial by José E. Iglesias)

June 10th, 2021|

José E. Iglesias, journalist and director of Mallorca Global. Tourism or chaos. Tourism or nothing. In short, those are the lessons that remain from the Great Lockdown and the partial closures during the pandemic in thousands of residents [...]

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