The fifth edition of the International Hairdressing Awards brought together 1,600 professionals from 30 countries from all over the world at the Palma Convention Centre

IHA desfile. Autores Javier Irisarri y Pablo Attfield

A moment during the fashion show in which the world’s leading hairdressing teams presented their collections. Photos: Javier Irisarri and Pablo Attfield.

The International Hairdressing Awards, now in their fifth edition, presented their awards during a spectacular gala held yesterday 8th May at the Palau de Congressos de Palma. The event featured a fashion show in which some of the most important hairdressing teams in the world presented their collections.

Additionally the great night of world hairdressing brought together the best professionals from all over the world in Palma, making it the hairdressing capital of the world. The ceremony took place in the style of the big awards: with the hairdressing industry’s red carpet. As well as a catwalk with the world’s leading hairdressing teams presenting their collections and a glamorous awards ceremony.

For its part, celebrity hairdresser Anthony Mascolo received the International Hair Legend 2023 honorary award. On the one hand, for his career in the profession and on the other hand, for being an undisputed reference for professionals around the world, as well as a media icon.

Also the International Hair Influencer of the Year award was also presented to British hairdresser Sophia Hilton, for her reach and positive impact on social media.

International hairdressing awards ceremony


The hairdressing teams Rick Roberts (UK), Steven Smart (UK), Mark Leeson Art Team (UK), Hob Salons (UK), and the Spaniards X-presion and Carlos Valiente starred in the evening’s fashion show. Photos: Javier Irisarri and Pablo Attfield.

Basically, in this edition, the winners of the different categories of the competition were announced during the International Hairdressing Awards world tour in March. Mikel Luzea, director and founder, and Sergi Bancells, global ambassador of the awards, travelled around the world with their production team to personally announce the awards to the winners.

As a result, british hairdressers Laura Scott and Bayleigh Peace (Mark Leeson Salons) were the winners of the Best International Men’s Commercial Collection category. The Best International Women’s Commercial Collection went to British hairdresser Robert Masciave.

All in all, the Best International Avant-garde Collection category, the winner was UK-based Italian hairdresser Enrica Russo. Mark Leeson‘s artistic team won the International Artistic Team of the Year award. And finally, the British Cos Sakkas won the International Hairdresser of the Year category for the second year in a row.

World catwalk

Afterward, the awards ceremony was accompanied by a catwalk led by some of the most outstanding hairdressing teams in the world. Rick Roberts (UK), Steven Smart (UK), Mark Leeson Art Team (UK), Hob Salons (UK), and the Spanish teams X-presion, which had a special collaboration with Antoinette Beenders, and Carlos Valiente. In addition, some of the icons of international hairdressing attended as VIP guests.

2023-IHA peluquería-Desfile2-_-Autores_-Javier-Irisarri-y-Pablo-Attfield

Another moment of the IHA hairdressing show. Photos: Javier Irisarri and Pablo Attfield.