The Wine November cycle returns to Manacor, a way of bringing the world of wine closer to the population. The event, which reaches its 4th edition in 2023, aims to educate the senses and bring the world of oenology closer to the public with the aim of getting to know and appreciate the wine ecosystem. To this end, experts from the world of wine will give lectures and workshops for those who want to get started and receive training.

Manacor Wine November Programme 2023

The Oenological November initiative consists of three sessions: introduction to wine tasting, vinification of white wines and red wines. All sessions will be held at IES Manacor on the 16th, 22nd and 23rd of November from 19:00 to 20:30. Each tasting will cost 15 euros and to participate you must sign up in advance by emailing

The first session will deal with how to get started in wine tasting. It is aimed at those who want to begin to learn about the characteristics of this product. It will be given by the prestigious oenologist Luís Armero, owner of the Armero & Adrover winery in Felanitx, which belongs to the DO Pla y Llevant. White, rosé and red wines will be tasted and the elaboration process of each of them will be discussed, as well as the aspects of colour, aromas and taste. According to the president of the DO Pla y Llevant, Antoni Bennàssar, “it will facilitate a non-dramatic approach to wine”.

The second and third sessions will focus on the tasting and vinification of white and red wines. The session dedicated to white wines will be based on the gyro ros. Of this variety, a vintage wine, a wine aged in barrels, a wine that has been vinified in various ways and a wine made according to the ancestral procedure will be tasted. The tasting of the latter will be a unique opportunity, because it is made by a group of enthusiasts who make portassa wines. The session will end with a tasting of two rosé wines.

In the session dedicated to red wines, vintage and crianza wines, single-varietal and blends will be tasted. This third session of the Noviembre Enológico cycle in Manacor will end with a sparkling wine toast. The sessions will be led by Andreu Oliver Tril, winemaker of Can Majoral de Algaida, a winery of the DO Pla y Llevant.

noviembre enológico en manacor 2023 programa

The mayor of Manacor, Miquel Oliver, thanked the DO Pla i Llevant and the IES Manacor for their willingness to offer an initiative like Oenological November in Manacor, which “allows us to enjoy the tasting of local wines, which also has an impact on the promotion of local production and the promotion of wine culture”.