The cycle ‘Discovering the Mediterranean‘ will begin next Wednesday, September 20, at 19:00h, at the Museu Fundación Juan March. It will be with a lecture by Professor José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec: “From the Odyssey to The Dream of Ulysses: a sea of thirty-two centuries”


This Wednesday, September 20 at 19:00h, the Museu Fundación Juan March in Palma will begin its season of conferences with the series ‘Discovering the Mediterranean’. Professor José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec will give the talk “From the Odyssey to The Dream of Ulysses: a sea in thirty-two centuries”.

This series is part of the lectures that the Museu Fundación Juan March has been devoting to the cultural, political and gastronomic history of the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout four lectures that will run until December, this cycle covers the history of this environment in four panoramic views. These include the Mediterranean as a place of exchange and trade, as the dream of merchants and adventurers or as an essential link in Western culture.

The latter is the perspective of José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec‘s latest book, ‘El sueño de Ulises’ (Taurus, 2022). The author, professor emeritus of Medieval European History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, will offer a stroll through the places of memory, a rich heritage that is increasingly threatened as a reference to a lifestyle that must be maintained amid the inevitable change brought about by the digital revolution.

All the lectures in the series are free admission with invitation, which can be booked from one week before the event on the website. In addition, the lecture can be followed live on YouTube and Canal March.


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