The Santander gallery Exhibit hosts the Mallorcan artist’s first solo exhibition in northern Spain

Albert Pinya will be exhibiting his work ‘Los amigos del pintor’ (The painter’s friends) at the Exhibit gallery in Santander from the 8th of September to the 6th of October. The Mallorcan artist’s first solo exhibition in northern Spain will be made up of a selection of recent, unpublished paintings on canvas in different formats. A series of ceramics, of reduced dimensions and produced in collaboration with the ceramist Català-Roig, will complete the exhibition.

Mallorcan gastronomy, with the canvas “Trempó with capers and friends”; the exaltation of the autochthonous; local identity; environmental awareness, with “Salvem la posidonia”; or the elevation of nature and the characteristic elements of Mediterranean life and landscape will be very present in all the artist’s pieces. Also, the autobiographical, after he has spent some time working from other perspectives.

The exhibition curator, critic and gallery owner, Mónica Álvarez, has described the artist as follows: “Pinya is the artist of personal experiences, of laughter, of looks, of family and complicity with the spectator. All these components become the painter’s friends, the motifs that provoke and unleash his work, full of biographical references”.

“Trempó con alcaparras y amigos”, 2023 (Albert Pinya)