The writer, trainer and coach, Juanma Quelle, will give the talk ‘Positivarte’, together with the journalist Eugenia Moreno, tomorrow Thursday 9th March in Esporles

Beyond the professional work as a speaker, writer, trainer and coach that he has been doing since 2015, Juanma Quelle defines himself as ‘a happy person’: ‘And it’s important because I didn’t always enjoy the happiness quotient that I enjoy today’, he assures.

After 20 years working as a sales and marketing manager, his life took a radical turn in 2015. A bad stress management ended up creating a physical problem that led to a ten-week sick leave, the first of my professional career; for five of those weeks I couldn’t walk. This caused a major change in what had been my life’s priorities up to then and made me enter a period of reflection‘.

From that moment on, he made the decision to live the life he really wanted to live and to realise his true vocation, to help people. ‘From that period I understood that to gain something, you always have to lose something and that, whatever you gain, the important thing is not to lose yourself’, he explains.


Juanma Quelle

Quelle: ‘Today’s lifestyle demands not to live’

For Quelle, it is clear that today we have turned life into a to-do list and we forget to live. In fact, ‘today’s lifestyle demands that we don’t live’, he says. So much so that ‘it is curious how the phrase ‘how to be happy’ has been the most searched aspirational phrase on Google in the last 12 years, so no, we are definitely not as happy as we would like to be’, he adds.

In this sense, the writer considers that ‘you have to learn to be happy and happiness, like any other skill, requires constant, active and conscious dedication’.


The conference ‘Positivarte’, tomorrow in Esporles

It is precisely for this purpose, to prevent people from suffering unnecessarily, that Juanma Quelle is bringing his talk ‘Positivarte’ to Esporles tomorrow. I want people to know that, with just a proper management of emotions, relationships and expectations, they can take a big step forward in terms of quality of life. Getting this message across to as many people as possible is my obsession; alleviating the pain of just one person makes all this effort worthwhile,’ he explains.

‘Positivarte’ is a conference that has been attended by more than 107,000 people in various countries since March 2021. It will take place at Ca Na Susi, in Esporles, at 21:30. Seventy-five minutes to reflect on the current lifestyle and to receive tools and strategies to ‘positivize’ our mind.

The event will also be an opportunity to meet the author of ‘El viaje de Samila’ (Samila’s Journey). The latest book published by Quelle which, according to the writer, contains the fundamentals of positive psychology and positive thinking, wrapped in a wonderful story of learning, love and friendship. For the trainer, ‘you don’t see life as it is, you see life as you are’, so his purpose is that, through this book, the reader gets some of the strategies to modify the way they currently see life, ‘that will change it for the better’, Quelle assures.