Romina Vay, second winner; Virginia Servera, project manager at Mallorca Global; and Josep Sole, the contest winner.

The winner, Josep Sole, has received a voucher for one night at the Park Hyat Mallorca hotel and Romina Vay, second prize, a voucher for a meal for 8 people at Hard Rock Cafe Mallorca.

Palma, June 3, 2020. Mallorca Global Comunicación and Mallorca Caprice presented today the awards for the #MallorcaConfinada2020 photo contest held in May, in which more than 150 residents participated with a total of 356 photographs.

The event was attended by Josep Sole Colom, winner of the contest with his work “Of longings in time”, who took a voucher for a hotel night with breakfast at the Park Hyat Mallorca hotel, and Romina Vay, second classified with the series “What would have happened if that kiss had been better?”, which has been given a coupon for a meal of 8 people at Hard Rock Cafe Mallorca.

The two contestants have stated that they felt “surprised” upon learning that their works had been awarded and pointed out that #MallorcaConfinada2020 album “contains very good photos”.

Colom has only been interested in photography for a year and a half. “As a child, when I traveled with my godmother, I already took photos but it was not until recently that I got more serious,” he acknowledged.

For her part, Romina Vay has confessed that she likes to “play with art and photographs” and that her work is inspired by the contributions of friends and acquaintances. “I uploaded the photos to Instagram and asked that people tell me what feelings those images evoked in him. That helped me build a story about the moods experienced during lockdown. ”

The third winner, Antoni Grimalt, who can enjoy a tasting menu at the Fera restaurant, was unable to attend the delivery due to scheduling reasons.

Award-winning photos

1. “Of yearnings in time”. Author: Josep Sole Colom.

2. “What would have happened if that kiss would had been better?”. Author: Romina Vay.

3. “A Velázquez confined in the 21st century”. Author: Antoni Grimalt.