Variat mallorquí

Foto: @variatmallorqui

Pilotes, ensaladilla rusa, cuttlefish, frit, croquettes, squid, tripe… Small, medium or large. The ‘variat mallorquí’ could be described as the tapa of tapas and is served all over Mallorca from early in the morning and, sometimes, until late at night. With almost 70 years of history, this star dish of Mallorcan gastronomy conquers the palate of locals and tourists alike.

In every town and establishment, the ‘variat mallorquí’ is presented in different ways and can be combined in many ways, although not everything is allowed. If you are wondering where you can try this local speciality, the social media account @variatmallorqui has recently published an interactive map with the island’s ‘must-try’ places, which shows almost 200 places in Mallorca and one in Menorca.

The places are ordered by counties, towns and cities with “recommendations of the top places, which will be updated and improved with suggestions and recommendations from users,” say the promoters.