Capdepera has unveiled the programme for the IV Semana del Arte de la Pauma, to be held in June. This week will be full of events, exhibitions and markets, culminating with a big night fair in the municipality of Capdepera. Craftsmen and craftswomen from all over the island and the mainland will come together to showcase their creations and projects, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the art of pauma.

Pauma, also known as “llata” in Mallorca, is a traditional craft technique that uses the dried leaves of the dwarf palm tree (palmetto) to create a variety of braided products. This practice, with roots going back centuries, has been an integral part of Mallorcan culture, producing everything from baskets and hats to mats and other household utensils. Pauma is not only a testament to the skill and creativity of local artisans, but also represents a sustainable and environmentally friendly connection with the environment, using natural materials and techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Programme of the Pauma Art Week 2024

art pauma llata mallorca 2024

Photo: Facebook Art de la pauma.

  • 14th June, Friday. 18:00 to 20:00: Intercultural workshop in Artà.
  • 15th June, Saturday. 10:00 to 13:00: Workshop with Ara Balears in the Parque Natural de la Península de Llevant in s’Alqueria Vella. Registration required.
  • 17th June, Monday. 18:00 to 20:00: Exhibition and workshop in the Plaza des Castellet in Cala Rajada.
  • 18th June, Tuesday. 18:00 to 20:00: Exhibition and workshop in the Plaza de la Colònia de Sant Pere.
  • 21st June, Friday. 18:00 to 23:00: Pauma Night Fair in Capdepera. There will be live music, craft beers, tapas and a wide variety of craft products.

Participants of the fair

– De Palmes Barxes from Beniarbeig (Alicante)
– Pep Toni Ferrer from Secar de la Real
– Yoitias from Cala Rajada
– Espai Kannàld’Art from Artà
– Jerònima Gelabert i Catalina Palmer from sa Font d’en Munts d’Artà
– Tomou Creació and Xesca Coll de Pollença
– Tassó Matar and Pep Carreres of Artà
– Artesania de la Palma since 1935 from Capdepera
– Cane wood from Capdepera
– Aina Pistoia from Artà
– Club d’Amics de la Segona Edat d’Artà (Friends of the Second Age Club of Artà)
– Vetaïria with the three tisseres by Elionor Gomez-Quintero, Joana Colom and Maria Escalas
– Cala Rajada Brewery
– Catering ses 3 Forquetes
– Xaranga and Els Espàrralls
– Musical group Aula 6
– Ses Llatares Colonieres
– Art de la Pauma Association
– Parc Natural de la Península de Llevant (Llevant Peninsula Natural Park)

The night fair will be a special event where food and drink, music and fun will combine to create an unforgettable experience. The IV Semana del Arte de la Pauma not only celebrates the pauma handicraft, but also seeks to give it back its deserved recognition, highlighting its cultural and artistic value in the age of plastic.