Playa de Palma has established itself as a destination for Wine & Food Tourism with the celebration of the ‘Vinos al Cielo’ (Wines to the Sky) event. This Thursday, the rooftop of the restaurant Katagi Blau, located in the Iberostar Selection Llaut Palma hotel, transformed into the epicenter of haute cuisine and oenology, attracting more than 300 people who enjoyed an unforgettable night.

The event, which posted a ‘sold out’ sign 24 hours before its celebration, proved to be a resounding success. ‘Vinos al Cielo’ is positioned as an unmissable event for those seeking experiences beyond traditional sun and beach tourism. The combination of oenology and haute cuisine in an exclusive setting has proven to be a winning formula for attracting both local and foreign visitors.

A selection of wines and haute cuisine

vinos al cielo en playa de palma

Attendees at the event were able to enjoy a selection of 17 wineries with more than 50 wine references, from local and national wineries such as Bodegas Bordoy, Santa Catarina, Castell Miquel, and Bodegues Ribas, among others. This commitment to local and national products highlights the organizers’ efforts to promote the wine richness of Mallorca and Spain.

The tasting menu, designed in a finger food format, fused Mediterranean cuisine with Asian and international touches, highlighting the quality and diversity of local products. Among the delicacies offered were ensaladilla 3.0 with tobiko roe and tuna belly, cod brandade with chives and caviar, and oxtail croquettes with aioli. Additionally, the salmon tartare with avocado and popcorn, and the duck gyoza with hoisin sauce and peanuts delighted the attendees.

The specialized stations were one of the main attractions of the night. From a ham cutter and stations for Iberian meats and cheeses to an oyster and scallop station and a sushi station, attendees were able to enjoy a diverse and high-quality gastronomic experience.

The Katagi Blau restaurant, located on the rooftop of the Iberostar Selection Llaut Palma Hotel, offered impressive panoramic views of the Bay of Palma. The combination of a spectacular sunset with the surroundings and views created the perfect ambiance to enjoy the flavors and aromas of the night. Additionally, the event prioritized local and national suppliers, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in modern tourism.

Events like ‘Vinos al Cielo’ demonstrate that Playa de Palma is not just a sun and beach destination but also a place where haute cuisine and oenology come together to offer unique experiences.

katagi blau vinos al cielo en playa de palma