Beaches of fine sand comparable to the most spectacular Caribbean postcards dot the southernmost coast of Mallorca. They coexist with rocky and pebbled coves of unequaled beauty at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana. The island stands for beaches, it has hundreds. Choosing between this fascinating diversity of bathing areas is a difficult task, which is why Mallorca Caprice proposes a selection of the best beaches in Mallorca spread throughout the island. Which one is your favourite?

Best beaches in Mallorca

Rock, sand, with or without parking… The best beaches in Mallorca are diverse for each type of profile. To find out if it is the beach you are looking for, look at its characteristics through this practical legend.

mejores playas de mallorca, leyenda

1 Es Trenc

The best known virgin beach in Mallorca recalls the Caribbean Sea. Two kilometers of white sand protected by a dune system that attract thousands of tourists and locals every summer in a perfect setting to relax and unwind. A good enclave to enjoy the sunset that also has quieter sections such as Es Peregons, where it is common to practice nudism.

Platja d'es Trenc-med. Foto_ Jaume Capellà (AETIB)

Platja d’es Trenc. Photo: Jaume Capellà (AETIB).

Es Trenc

2 Caló des Moro

Nestled between cliffs in the middle of nature, its turquoise blue looks like a natural pool in which everyone wants to swim. Despite its steep descent, it is the most photographed cove -it has hardly any sand- in Mallorca. The surroundings, including the adjacent cove s’Almonia -ideal to complement the visit to this beach- offer images of great beauty.

Caló des Moro, playas de Mallorca

Caló des Moro. Photo: Ajuntament de Santanyí.

Caló des Moro

3 Cala Màrmols

The reward after walking 5 kilometers, either from Cala s’Almonia to the south or from the Ses Salines lighthouse to the north -be careful on hot days- is a virgin beach of white sand surrounded by cliffs that rise above turquoise blue waters. The walk, necessary except if it is visited by boat, makes it a quiet beach with little influx of bathers.

Cala marmols playa Mallorca

Cala Màrmols. Photo: Shutterstock.

Cala Mármols

4 S’Amarador

Fine sand beach located on the coast of the Mondragó Natural Park. Very crowded in summer, when hundreds of bathers stick their umbrellas to spend a day on the beach, it allows you to swim to the nearby cove Mondragó and discover the rich landscape resulting from centuries of agricultural tradition through various routes marked out in the almost eight hundred hectares of natural environment.

Mejores playas de Mallorca: s'amarador

S’Amarador beach. Photo: J.E.I.


5 Cala Agulla

One of the busiest sandy areas in the Majorcan Llevant. Surrounded by pine forests that give you the option of sheltering from the intense summer sun, the brilliant blue tones of its crystalline waters stand out. As you walk towards the neighboring Cala Moltó and the further rocky area, the concentration of bathers decreases significantly. Cala Agulla is especially popular for German tourists.

Cala Agulla, Mallorca. R.B.

Cala Agulla. Photo: Raúl Beltrán.

Cala Agulla

6 Cala Mesquida

Perfect postcard beach at the mouth of the torrent of the same name. The wooden walkway over its dune system gives it a special charm in a landscaped environment that leaves you astounded. Exposed to the north winds, it combines days of absolutely calm waters with others with higher waves, when it is recommended not to stray too far from the beach line.

cala mesquida

Cala Mesquida. Photo: R. B.

Cala Mesquida

7 Muro beaches

More than four kilometers of sand for absolute relaxation in a quiet and familiar environment. Divided into four sectors -Sector I, Sector II, Es Comu and Es Capellans- it cannot be abandoned without capturing a photo on one of its old wooden piers. It alternates more natural areas with pine forests next to the sand, other more urban and even with a beach clubs area. To everyone’s taste.

Playas de Muro, Mallorca

Playas de Muro, Mallorca. Photo: J.E.I.

Playas de Muro

8 Formentor

Of international fame, its narrow strip of sand is bathed by generally calm waters. This beach enclave has inspired great authors of world literature, which gives an idea of ​​the charm of the place. The large influx of visitors in summer has led to the limitation of traffic on the Formentor peninsula from 10:00 to 19:00, with regular shuttle buses from Port de Pollença.

Playa de Mallorca formentor

Playa de Formentor. Photo: Shutterstock.

Playa de Formentor

9 Cala Deià

Another of the hidden gems under the Serra. The descent to the cove ends in an intense blue bathing area with pebbles -rock shoes are recommended- and bathers looking for a dip in which to encounter the marine fauna of the most mountainous coast of the island. Next to the sea, you can find two traditional restaurants to taste fresh fish and other Mallorcan delicacies.

Cala Deiá

Cala Deià. Photo: Jaume Capellà (Arxiu AETIB).

Cala Deiá

10 Camp de Mar

Its restaurant on an islet surrounded by the sea is not the only one of its attractions, although it is perhaps the most famous and most photographed. The wide sandy area of ​​the main beach, surrounded by hotels and beach clubs, is also combined with the adjacent rocky area, quieter and ideal for those looking for less crowded areas. In the summer months, many families choose this beach for its comfort.

camp de mar

Camp de Mar. Photo: R.B.

Camp de Mar


11 Cala Na Clara

An immense natural pool protected from the wind in the bay of Alcúdia, next to the village of Betlem (Artà). To reach it you have to take a short 15-20 minute hike over steep ground, but the reward is a fascinating view of crystal-clear waters and deep blue waters. As if that were not enough, it offers one of the most magical sunsets in Mallorca.

Cala Na Clara Mejores Playas Mallorca

Cala Na Clara. Foto: R.B.

Cala Na Clara

12 S’Illot d’Alcúdia

Located on the Victòria peninsula, it could very well be the postcard that defines Mallorca. Turquoise blue waters and a small islet give it that paradisiacal touch that millions of tourists seek on the island. Surrounded by nature, the beach is ideal for snorkelling and relaxing on its small strip of sand.

illtos alcudia mejores playas mallorca

S’Illot d’Alcúdia. Foto: R.B.


13 Cala Figuera

Nestled between cliffs, Cala Figuera attracts the attention of visitors to the famous Formentor lighthouse. The reason for this is its blue tones, which are a magnet for the eyes. To get there you have to go down a hillside. During the summer months, access by car is prohibited and you can only get there by shuttle bus. Goats roam freely in this very special cove

Cala Figuera Playas MAllorca

Cala Figuera. Foto: AETIB

14 Cala Boquer

Reaching this magnificent cove is quite an adventure. A path of just over half an hour of little difficulty but of unequalled beauty through a valley that leads to one of the most spectacular coves on the island. Inhabited by goats, swimming in its waters and admiring the natural surroundings with cliffs on both sides is quite an experience.

Cala Boquer mejores playas mallorca

Cala Boquer. Foto: R.B.

Cala Boquer info

Cala Boquer

15 Cala Sant Vicenç

Four coves in one: Cala Barques, Cala Clara, Cala Molins and Cala Carbó (in the picture) make up this nucleus in the north of the island. Different options ranging from the most familiar to the most secluded, but all of them enjoy fabulous views of the Tramuntana cliffs and are bathed by crystal-clear waters.


Cala Sant Vicenç mejor playa mallorca

Cala Sant Vicenç. Foto: AETIB

info cala Sant Vicenç

16 Cala Tuent

For many, the best cove in the Serra de Tramuntana. Very close to Sa Calobra, the latter enjoys greater popularity. But Cala Tuent is really the gem of the Serra, in a unique natural enclave with high mountains and much less visited than its neighbouring cove. It is a long drive to reach it, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Cala Tuent Mallorca

Cala Tuent. Foto: AETIB

cala tuent info

17 Cala d’Egos

Undoubtedly one of the most remote coves in the Andratx area. This virgin beach, made of rock and sand, is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. It stands out for its crystal-clear waters and its tranquillity. To reach it we will have to descend on foot for 40 minutes along a path surrounded by nature, after leaving our car. On the way back we can enjoy privileged views of the sea from the top.

Cala Egos Mallorca Mejores playas

Cala d’Egos. Foto: R.B.

Cala Egos Mallorca

18 Portals Vells

Together with Platja del Mago and Platja del Rei, it forms part of one of the best preserved coves on the coast of Calvià. It has white sand that tints the sea with turquoise colours to enjoy a good dip. Only 7 km from Magaluf, it can be reached by road. In this small cove we can enjoy all the services during the summer season.

portals vells

Portals Vells. Foto: Envato

portals vells

19 Cala Pi

Cala Pi takes its name from the pine trees that surround it. This beautiful cove has been formed by the water of a torrent that has been eroding the land for thousands of years. The result is a beach that penetrates into the forest between two vertical walls 30 m high. Its fine sand and calm waters make it one of the most popular coves on the south coast of the island.

cala pi

Cala Pi. Foto: R.B.

cala pi

20 Cala Llombards

This paradisiacal cove is one of the best places to bathe on the coast of Santanyí. Its fine white sand runs into the estuary of a torrent and is surrounded on both sides by rocks. The waves are usually very low and its crystal-clear waters make it an attraction for both residents and visitors. It is ideal for families.

cala llombards mejor playa mallorca

Cala Llombards. Foto Eduardo Marilles (AETIB).

info cala llombards


21 Illetes

Located in the municipality of Calviá, just a few minutes from the centre of Palma, the trinomial formed by Cala Xinxell, Cala Comtessa and Playa de Ses Illetes is the perfect place to escape from the city without travelling long distances, which is why it is a favourite spot for many residents and visitors. An area with crystal clear waters for the enjoyment of any beach lover.

illetes playa

illetes playa leyenda

22 Arenal de Sa Ràpita

Although less well known than the popular Es Trenc, Arenal de Sa Ràpita could be considered a sister beach, also located in the Natural Park of Salobrar de Campos. Its white sand and shallow, Caribbean-looking bathing area extend from the town of Sa Ràpita to the pretty Ses Covetes, thus linking up with Es Trenc.

sa rapita playa

sa rapita leyenda

23 Es Carbó

A two-kilometre walk along the coast from Colònia de Sant Jordi brings you to one of the most paradisiacal unspoilt beaches in Mallorca: Es Carbó. A total of 1,500 metres of sand nestled in a natural area in the south of the island with fascinating turquoise blue colours. The ideal place to lose yourself and enjoy the sea without the crowds.

es carbo playa

es carbo leyenda

24 Cala Marçal

The picturesque town of Portocolom also boasts one of the most outstanding sandy beaches in the area and the longest in the municipality of Felanitx. Cala Marçal is an urban beach with all the facilities you need to spend a day with your family, as a couple or with friends, thanks to its easy access, surveillance and lively atmosphere.

cala marcal playa

cala marcal leyenda

25 Cala Varques

Very well known in the municipality of Manacor, Cala Varques is divided into two small unspoilt sandy coves guarded by low rocky breakwaters. Cars cannot access it, so you have to park about 2 kilometres away from the coast. If you visit the cove, you cannot miss a short walk to the impressive natural rock bridge of Es Caló Blanc.

cala varques playa

cala varques leyenda

26 Cala Romántica

Its original name, S’Estany D’En Mas, has given way to a more popular one: Cala Romántica. A lure that attracts many tourists to its white sand bathed in the characteristic turquoise blue colours of the Mallorcan coast. The beach is full of services for visitors and in the hottest months you can expect a high influx of people.

cala romántica playa

cala romantica leyenda

27 Sa Coma

Located in a resort area with easy parking, Sa Coma stands out for its fine, white sand. Very popular in summer, this is a paradisiacal beach whose left bank is occupied by the Punta de n’Amer peninsula, a natural area where you can walk along several paths.

sa coma playa

sa coma leyenda

28 Son Serra de Marina

One of the unspoilt beaches favoured by the residents of the area, between Can Picafort and Colonia de Sant Pere. The area is perfect for water sports, as it usually experiences strong winds. Moreover, the natural surroundings make it a popular beach among nudists.

son serra playa

son serra leyenda

29 Cala Banyalbufar

Banyalbufar has one of the best-known coves in the Serra de Tramuntana at the foot of its famous terraces. Steep, rocky and somewhat difficult to access (and park), its orientation allows you to enjoy the sunset with the sun setting on the line that separates the sky and the sea. Frequented by residents of the municipality and the surrounding area.

banyalbufar playa

banyalbufar leyenda

30 Cala Llamp

An example of the fact that the most beautiful beaches and coves in Mallorca do not necessarily have to be sandy is Cala Llamp. Made entirely of rock, it is one of the best-known natural pools in the municipality of Andratx. Its blue waters are perfect for snorkelling, and there is a beach club nearby to complement your visit.

cala llamp playa

cala llamp leyenda


💡 Selection of beaches included in the Mallorca Caprice guide, Mediterranean Happiness Guide.