A year ago, citizens went home to avoid leaving. It was the first great lockdown, the one that generations of all ages can hardly forget. Nobody was spared from leaving the streets and shutting themselves up in their own home. Neither are we, the staff of Mallorca Global, a marketing and communication workshop, and Mallorca Caprice. The thought then was more than optimistic: “In two weeks, we will meet again.” But seeing that the thing lengthened, it was time to resume the activity, even if it was virtually. It was then that the idea of ​​telling what was happening in the houses of Mallorca, indoors, was born, which is why we launched the #mallorcaconfinada2020 contest.

The great reception of the contest that we proposed to the Mallorcan people made possible the collection of photographs that today, almost a year later, are exhibited on the Paseo del Born. “Mallorca a casa” is the exhibition of those moments that were lived in the homes of Mallorca during one of the most unusual moments in our recent history. Windows, balconies and video conferencing were some of the escape routes to connect with the outside world. Family dinners, gazes into infinity, affectionate gestures and also boredom. There was time for everything.

From home to Paseo del Born

Palma’s Paseo del Born is now the setting for the Lockdown Exhibition in Mallorca. The photos of those days can finally go out onto the streets to remind Majorcans of that historic moment.

José Eduardo Iglesias, director of Mallorca Global, and Elena Ordinas, marketing director of Mallorca Caprice, inaugurated this Saturday, March 13, 2021, the exhibition of the confinement “Mallorca a casa”. They did so accompanied by the mayor of Palma, José Hila; Alberto Jarabo, councilor for Participació Ciutadana i Govern Interior; Joana Maria Adrover, councilor of Seguretat Ciutadana; Joana Capó, from the municipal group of Citizens; Monserrat Oliveras, from the PP; Sandra Barceló, from Vox, and José Luis Carque, chief of the Palma Local Police. Those days the police force launched a children’s drawing and story contest that accompanies the photographic exhibition on Paseo del Born thanks to the collaboration of the City Council together with our agency.

Tokens of appreciation

During the first exhibition weekend, many of the participants in the # mallorcaconfinada2020 contest wanted to come and see their photo in the center of Palma. This is the case of Laura, grateful next to the photo that reflects ‘His battle’ or that of Miriam, who remembered after visiting the exhibition: “It was exciting to see the photo of our son Bruno in Born. I remember when I took the photo He was very angry for not being able to go out, but at the same time he told us: I am happy because we are in family “. All of them have made this project possible.

mallorca a casa exposición

Mallorca Global team, during the exhibition opening. Photos: Pep Caparrós and Mallorca Global.

Also numerous pedestrians and residents of Mallorca observed the images of the exhibition and valued it positively. “They are photos of normal people in their homes, a reflection of what really happened,” said Juan Pablo. “I love the photos of people looking out the window, it reminds me of those days of family confinement,” recalled Isabel. Each of the photos in this exhibition has a story behind it. Of course, with a clear common thread: the desire to return to occupying the streets and sheltering a virus that is still with us today.

The story continues

“Mallorca a casa” ends with a new popular call, “Mallorca: The looks of reconciliation”, which again invites citizens to share through photographs and videos their experiences with the environment during the deconfinement, from May 2020 until today. The residents of Mallorca can send their photos, and this time also their videos, to participate in this second part.

All the information of the new contest can be consulted at this link.

“Mallorca a casa” can be visited on the Paseo del Born in Palma until May 31st.