Every last Friday of the month, except in August and December, at 12:00, the changing of the guard takes place in Palma’s Almudaina Palace. In front of the majestic palace in Palma, numerous visitors gather to relive a ceremony that takes spectators back in time. This is the traditional relay of the Guard of Honour, a historical re-enactment performed by the soldiers of the “Palma” Infantry Regiment No. 47.

Dressed in the uniforms of the Majorca Line Infantry Regiment, used during the reign of Charles III, specifically during the capture of Menorca in 1782, around twenty soldiers, including two drummers and a fife, march to the music of the period. Led by the head of the Guard, they perform a parade, an arms review formation and a relay of sentry posts in front of the Almudaina Palace.

The “Palma” Infantry Regiment No. 47, located in the city, is considered the heir to the old regiments of Mallorca. To keep history and tradition alive, this group has organised a period unit, equipped with full uniforms in the style of 1782, for use in events of special relevance. This is the case of the traditional changing of the guard at the Almudaina Palace. This includes white coats with red collars and sleeves, red breeches, white waistcoats, three-cornered hats with red cockades, feathered caps and double belts with cartridge belts and a bandoleer holder.

How to watch the changing of the guard

cambio de guardia almudaina palma

The changing of the guard at the Almudaina Palace starts punctually at 12:00. At 12:30, the changing of the guard of honour takes place, and at 13:00, the soldiers retreat. The action can be summarised as follows:

  • Exit through the palace gate to the sound of drums.
  • The regiment parades in front of the spectators under the orders of the commander-in-chief of the guard.
  • The group proceeds to one side of the palace, where they stop for an inspection.
  • Two soldiers stand guard in front of a gate.
  • Then the rest of the regiment goes to the front of the Cathedral’s belvedere, where they rest for about 10 minutes. Photos can be taken of them.
  • Return to the Almudaina Palace, where they join the main regiment and the soldiers who were on guard duty.
  • Retreat inside the palace; end of the changing of the guard.

Although the military history of this regiment goes back centuries, today it is a modern and projectable unit, with a clear expeditionary vocation. Its members have participated in peacekeeping missions in different parts of the world, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Kosovo, passing through Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq and various countries on the African continent.

The changing of the guard at the Almudaina Palace is not only a historic event, but also an opportunity to honour the legacy of those who served before. It is a reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of those who protected the island in times gone by, and a show of respect for Mallorca’s history and tradition.