Text: Virginia Servera

Josep R. Cerdà

There are many security measures that  the scenic spaces of Mallorca have had to incorporate so that we can continue to enjoy theater or dance during the winter. Although the capacity has been reduced, a free seat is left between spectator and spectator and it is ensured that entry and exit are carried out in an orderly manner, the director of the Teatre Principal, Josep Ramon Cerdà, confirms that the public “It is responding very well”.

The coronavirus not only has not diminished the desire to go to the theater but has also forced its reinvention. In the case of the Teatre Principal, a strong commitment has been made to streaming transmission with the creation of its own payment platform with which they get people who are confined, elderly people or other risk groups who may have some fear of attending to public shows, have direct access to theater and culture programming at reduced prices. This new form of cultural consumption, in the director’s words, “has been very well received and has brought people closer to sectors that until now had not had contact with the theater”.

Although the context is not entirely favorable and the suspension of the programming has had an impact on its activity, the Teatre Principal in general terms “is experiencing a great moment because the programming we have right now can be compared with that of the best theaters in Spain”, defends Cerdà. With an offer of 90 titles a year, which combines Balearic production shows with the presence of both Spanish and international companies, this cultural institution aims to become a great production center. For this season, it is planned to co-produce 17 shows and make 3 of its own productions. The Principal –concludes its director– must also become “a creation factory that gives play to the entire music and performing arts sector”.