“We have a site that attracts singers and songwriters from all over the world”, says Swedish producer Fredrik  Thomander, from Palma Music Studios

Much is said about the film shoots and the international projection they represent for Mallorca. Not so much like that of the musical production. “To make the island a musical destination, you have to give artists what they expect when they go to cities like Los Angeles, London or Stockholm”, assures to
Mallorca Caprice Fredrik Thomander, Swedish producer and composer based in Mallorca. This is how Palma Music Studios was born, built from scratch in 2016 together with his partner Johan Lundgren at Son Espanyolet.

After four years operating, Thomander is clear: “We have created a site that attracts singers and composers from all over the world, comparable to the big cities. And I say it after having attending studios for 25 years”. The most special thing about these installations is their acoustics, designed by the British Nick Whitaker. He was responsible for the acoustics of the new Abbey Road Studios.

95% of its clients are foreigners, well-known stars in countries such as Sweden, Germany or the United Kingdom. Among them singers -Kim Wilde, Molly Sandén, Darin…-, DJs -Robin Schulz-, rappers -Zuna- as well as great actors and actresses -Belén López, Joseph Fiennes…-, since many come to record voices for the big screen. Majorcan singers such as Anglada have also passed through its recording rooms.

“The potential is here. There are many creative people, talent, good weather and it is one of the most
beautiful places in the world. The key is to understand the music industry and work hard”, says the producer, who promotes Mallorca and Palma “on each production”. “It doesn’t matter who walks through the door; I always say: Let’s treat everyone as if they were Beyoncé, because we don’t know if in
two months she can be the new Beyoncé or even one day she walks through the door. I do not underestimate any work”.

“In Sweden we are known for Ikea, H&M and pop music. If the music scene in Mallorca happens like Nadal in tennis and a worldwide success like ABBA breaks out, it will be a revolution. But my philosophy is that you have to do the work first and then you can be recognized”, concludes Thomander.

By: Raúl Beltrán. Palma.

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