The seventh edition of the Llonguet Route begins on Wednesday, October 13 in Palma with the participation of 35 ovens. The gastronomic fair of the bread roll, an emblem of the city, will run until December 15 with a price of 3 euros per unit with drink.

Forn de la Glòria, Pastisseries Pomar, Forn i Pastisseria Trias, Forn Fondo, Forn Nou, Fornet de la Soca, Forn des Pont are some of the bakeries that will participate in the traditional celebration that each year attracts more followers.


For yet another year, citizens will be able to check which ovens are registered on the route through the application of the “Pa d’aquí, forn i tradition” brand, an improvement that was introduced last year thanks to the collaboration of the Design Institute and Balearic Innovation.

The application also allows you to locate the contact details of the establishment, the sales hours and what the specialties are week by week. Each forn will inform customers what type of sandwich they make and what drinks are included in the promotion.

The mayor of Palma, Jose Hila; the regional secretary for Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory, Jesús Jurado; The general director of Commerce, Miquel Piñol, and the president of the Bakers and Confectioners Association of the islands, Pep Magraner, have presented today at the Kiosk de PalmaActiva the traditional festival that promotes local consumption and commerce and proximity to the time it encourages zero kilometer products.


  • Forn de la Glòria (Carrer del Forn de la Glòria, 7)
  • Pastisseries Pomar (Carrer de Manacor, 3)
  • Forn i pastisseria Trias (Av. Císter, 68)
  • Forn Fondo (Carrer Unió, 15)
  • Forn Nou (Camí de Sa Vileta, 152)
  • Forn Nou (Carrer de Sant Joaquim, 8)
  • Fornet de la Soca (Plaça Weyler, 9)
  • Fornet de la Soca (Plaça de Cort, 6)
  • Forn des Pont (Camí de Sa Vileta, 121)
  • Forn des Pont (Carrer Simó Ballester, 2)
  • Forn des Pont (Carrer Indústria, 27)
  • Forn ca na Teresa (Av. Tomàs de Villanueva Cortès, 11)
  • Forn ca na Teresa (Mercat de l’Olivar)
  • Forn ca na Teresa (Av. del Cid, 3)
  • Panadería Fornaris (Camí Vell de Bunyola, 23)
  • Panadería Fornaris (Carrer Marquès de Mondéjar, 1)
  • Panadería Fornaris (Carrer Francesc Fiol i Joan, 1)
  • Panadería Fornaris (Carrer Joan Ripoll i Trobat, 14)
  • Panadería Fornaris (Carrer Cardenal Rossell, 23)
  • Panadería Fornaris (Centre Comercial Alcampo)
  • Pastisseries Ballester (Carrer Maria Antònia Salvà, 29)
  • Pastisseries Ballester (Centre Comercial Maioris Décima)
  • Pastelería Frama (Carrer Marquès de la Sèrnia, 17)
  • Pastisseria Real (Carrer Reis Catòlics, 79)
  • Forn Santo Cristo (Carrer Sant Miquel, 47)
  • Forn Santo Cristo (Plaça Marquès del Palmer, 2)
  • Forn Santo Cristo (Centre Comercial Fan Mallorca Shopping)
  • Forn Santo Cristo (Porto Pi Centre Comercial)
  • Forn Santo Cristo (Carrer dels Paraires, 2)
  • Forn Can Joan Teres (Carrer Fàbrica, 44)
  • Pane Nostro (Plaça Nova de la Ferreria, 6)
  • Dulcelíaco (Carrer d’Avinyó, 13)
  • Forn la Vida Dolça (Carrer de Rosselló i Cazador, 19)
  • Pastelería Ángel (Carrer Pascual Ribot, 45A)
  • Pastelería Ángel (Avinguda Sant Ferran, 24)