For years lighthouses have guided sailors who came to Mallorca. Today, moreover, these same towers direct curious people and visitors to some of the most beautiful corners of the island.

Along the coast of Mallorca you can always find these beautiful buildings that illuminate the Mediterranean in privileged locations. In Mallorca Caprice we selected some of the most special ones from where you can see some very romantic sunsets:


It is located on the cape of the same name, at the end of a narrow peninsula to the north of Mallorca. It is one of the most impressive enclaves in Mallorca and one of the essential excursions. During this summer, there are no restrictions on road traffic so there is no excuse not to go.

In order to erect this peculiar lighthouse, first the winding road had to be built, which was used to transport materials by mule. It was finally opened in 1863.






It stands on the highest cliffs of Mallorca and has been guiding sailors to the bay of Palma from the south since August 1863. With views only suitable for those who do not suffer from vertigo, from this point you can see some beautiful sunsets with the sun setting over the sea.




Inaugurated in 1861, from its location you can see several points of the Minorcan coast. It is the easternmost lighthouse on the island of Mallorca, two kilometres from Cala Ratjada.

Despite being located on a peak 60 metres above sea level, the waves can reach the building when there are large storms.







It began to operate in 1860, but was not yet completed. A watchman from the town hall warned of the arrival of the steamer bringing the royal family to Palma with a flag. This lighthouse is a passage point for all the navigation coming from Valencia or Barcelona and from all the ports located further north with destination Palma.

A beautiful excursion along the coast leads us to this lighthouse from the beautiful beach of Portals Vells.



It receives several names such as Punta Grossa or the Muleta because of its location. A tower was built, on the initiative of Sóller Town Hall, and was transferred to the Ministry of Public Works in 1852, being inaugurated on 20th February 1859.

It enjoys a privileged location that offers panoramic views of the port of Sóller.

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk along the Mallorcan coast to discover these lighthouses and enter the history with the sea as a backdrop. The treasures it holds will remain etched in your memory for a long time.

Which is your favourite lighthouse?


By: Irene Viseras