The new restrictions in Mallorca, in force from Saturday April 24 to May 9, continue to relax timidly. Leaving behind the almost total closure of the first quarter, these restrictions have been updated in a phased manner. In general, more restrictive than in other territories, at least taking into account the low epidemiological incidence in the archipelago.

What are the main novelties of these restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus? From Monday, April 12, the measures prior to Holy Week were resumed, lifting the perimeter closure of the community. Since then, it is possible to leave and access the archipelago without limitations, beyond the requirement of the required sanitary tests, which are maintained. And from Saturday, April 24, the new update is applied

Restrictions from April 24 to May 9

  • The curfew is delayed from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Bars and restaurants can open outdoors from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. from Monday to Thursday.
  • The terraces can expand their capacity up to 100%.
  • There is no limit of coexistence nuclei at the tables; there is for people: four.
  • The interiors of the bars will remain closed.
  • In shops and commerce, the closing time is extended until 9:00 p.m.
  • Shopping centers can open on Sundays and holidays at 50%.

What does not change in this new update of the restrictions in Mallorca is the maximum number of people that can meet: 6 people both indoors and outdoors. Nevertheless:

  • Indoors: They will have to continue to be a maximum of two coexistence nuclei.
  • Outdoors: This limitation disappears and there will not be a maximum number of coexistence nuclei.

The mask on the beach, another of the most controversial issues, will not be mandatory for people from the same nucleus of coexistence. Yes, it will be necessary to put it on while walking or when the distance is not maintained. Another recent change in Mallorca has been the reopening of common spaces (such as jacuzzis and spas) in hospitality establishments.

The Minister for the Economic Model, Tourism and Labor, Iago Negueruela, highlighted that “we are moving towards a gradual normalization with a prudent de-escalation, which this time we hope will be final. Societies that have incidences as low as those of these islands and a controlled health situation like ours will be the first to regain normalcy and mobility, with all that this means for people’s health, for their freedoms and for the Economic recovery”.

What can be done in Mallorca until May 9?

All these measures are those that prevail in April and will last until May 9, the day on which the state of alarm ends. Restrictions that look to the summer, since they try to save the tourist season. By sectors and areas of activity, they are the following:

covid 19 mallorca enero restricciones

RESTORATION, BARS AND CAFETERIAS. Having a coffee inside a bar is still prohibited until May 9, despite opposition from the sector. Now (from April 24) the restoration of Mallorca will be able to occupy all the maximum capacity (until now a maximum of 50% was established). At the tables, a maximum of 4 people without limitation of coexistence nuclei. The opening hours are extended from Monday to Thursday, when they can also open from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the closing time is maintained at 5:00 p.m.

COMMERCE and SHOPPING CENTERS. The capacity is maintained at 75% both in small shops and in large stores. The closure of all stores is extended on April 24 at 9:00 p.m., except for gas stations and establishments dedicated to essential commerce, with greater time freedom. Large stores and shopping centers may reopen on Sundays and other open holidays, with a maximum capacity of 50%. In addition, it is mandatory to have visible CO2 meters in shopping centers and large surfaces.

FAMILY MEETINGS. The maximum allowed number of participants in family and social gatherings is kept at six people, both indoors and outdoors. Now, while indoors there will have to continue to be a maximum of two coexistence nuclei, outdoors this limitation disappears and there will not be a maximum number of coexistence nuclei. . The announced measures contemplate the possibility of visiting elderly people in need of care. They also stipulate that separated parents can reunite with their children despite not living together. And finally, non-cohabiting couples are excepted.

OUTDOOR EXCURSIONS AND ACTIVITIES (NON-CONTACT): The number of people who can participate in outdoor physical activities, such as excursions, is also increased from 6 to 10.

BEACHES. Access to beaches will be allowed, which will remain closed at night; the town councils will regulate the closing hours. The maximum groups will be of six people, without limit of groups of coexistence. The use of masks in social gatherings on the beaches will be mandatory.

Nivel 2 restricciones Mallorca

Gym and sports restrictions

GYMS and SPORTS ACTIVITY. The directed activity rooms can remain open to the public with a reduction in capacity of 30% of the usual maximum authorized capacity, and the simultaneous presence of a group of a maximum of 15 people in low intensity activities and 6 in low intensity activities is allowed. high intensity, always with a mask. The weight rooms can open with a 30% capacity and a mandatory mask. The changing rooms may have a capacity of 30%, allowing the use of showers, alternately.

FEDERATED AND PROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Federated team and contact sports competitions are allowed from 6 years on all the islands.

SPORTS EVENTS: The consumption of food and beverages by the public is prohibited, except in the bar area that may be within the facilities, an activity that must be carried out in accordance with the regulations applicable to restaurant activities. In state-level competitions, the number of people attending may be increased, maintaining the established percentages, exclusively in the final stages of the competition or play-off, with prior authorization from the General Directorate of Public Health.

PARKS AND RECREATION AREAS. They will be closed at night. Mandatory use of a mask in social gatherings, except exclusively when eating food or beverages.

CEREMONIES. (Weddings, baptisms, funerals …): It is recommended to postpone the celebration of civil or religious ceremonies and nuptial celebrations, first communions and baptisms. If they are held, they will have to be done with 10 people outdoors and 6 indoors or with a capacity of 30%.

RECREATIONAL CENTERS FOR OLDER PEOPLE: Indoor activities are extended to a maximum of 10 people and to 15 outside, which until now were limited to 6 people. However, the maximum capacity is maintained at 50%.

FAIR ATTRACTIONS. The attractions can be enabled in groups of maximum three and there must be a minimum distance of 25 meters between groups of attractions. In the event that the attractions are exclusively for individual use (one user per trip), they are not counted in the total count of attractions. Nor are those attractions and stops that use a trailer vehicle as a public service establishment (churrerías, shooting stands and similar, tombolas) are subject to these limitations of distances and groups.

Restrictions in the cultural sector

CINEMAS AND CIRCUS: The capacity of 50% is maintained and a capacity of 40% is allowed with the possibility of consuming food and beverages.

THEATERS, AUDITORIES AND SIMILAR SPACES: Until now, 50% capacity was allowed in theaters and auditoriums and 30% in closed ‘similar spaces’ with a maximum of 100 people. Now the capacity of 50% is maintained for theaters and auditoriums and that of “similar spaces” is increased to 50%, with a maximum of 200 people in closed indoor spaces and 400 outdoors.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: The limitation of only admitting seated passengers is maintained for intercity buses and, for the train and metro, the limitation of occupying only the seats and the marked standing places.

De-escalation of restrictions in Mallorca

January and February have been the hardest months in terms of restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus. March was the beginning of the de-escalation on the island, timidly to save the tourist season of this 2021. After Easter, on April 11 and 23, the Government has updated the restrictions in the Balearic Islands.