The restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus are lifted as the epidemiological situation in the Balearic Islands improves. This evolution has caused the Government to make restrictions generally more flexible.

What measures have been maintained since October 26? Restrictions in Mallorca are generally relaxed. The distance between people and the use of a mask, as well as ventilation, are kept as mandatory. Therefore, only some restrictions are defined in activities with a high risk of contagion.

By sectors and areas of activity, these are the restrictions that will prevail in Mallorca as of October 26 due to the pandemic:

Restricciones COVID Mallorca

Main protection measures


You can consume drinks and eat without limit of hours, as long as you can keep 1.5 meters away. All capacity restrictions are eliminated. The prohibition of putting bars in the street is maintained, except in Menorca (level 0).


The limitation of a single person to accompany people in the end-of-life process is eliminated. Visitors are also allowed in the rooms.

Night leisure

It was one of the most anticipated restrictions in Mallorca. The coffee concert and cocktail bar activity is allowed up to 75% capacity. Obligation to consume drinks and food sitting at the table both indoors and outdoors, and with a distance of 1.5 meters between tables. The mask must be used when it is not being consumed and dancing is not allowed indoors or outdoors.

In Menorca (level 0), all restrictions on capacity, hours or the obligation to consume seated are eliminated, as well as the prohibition of dancing. It is still in force, but the obligation to wear a mask and maintain a safety distance.

Sport activity

The use of a mask is mandatory in weight rooms and rooms for directed activities. A maximum of 30 people are allowed in training in field sports, 20 in track sports and 10 contact sports. Outdoor competitions with less than 3,000 participants are allowed without prior authorization from the Directorate General for Sports. In Menorca (level 0) the obligation of a mask in gyms is limited where the distance of 1.5 meters between users cannot be maintained.

Cultural and similar events

80% allowed capacity indoors (possibility of increasing with prior authorization from the General Directorate of Culture) and 100% outdoors. At concerts there may be up to 1,000 people standing as an audience. Culture is another of the sectors that emerges from the majority of restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus.

Recreation centers for the elderly

The obligation of the extended safety distance to the directed and non-directed activities of the clubs for the elderly is eliminated. And the use of a mask is mandatory in activities where it is not possible to maintain a safety distance at all times.

Smoking ban remains in force

One of the few restrictions that are maintained in Mallorca is regarding the consumption of tobacco. Smoking is prohibited on the terraces of establishments for public use, as well as on public roads or in outdoor spaces for public use when it is not possible to ensure the maintenance of a minimum distance of two meters with other people, as well as when you are wandering. To avoid new massive infections, bottles are also prohibited in all roads and public spaces.

Epidemiological situation

According to the report prepared by the Autonomous Committee for Infectious Diseases, the Balearic Islands are in a situation of low transmission of Covid-19, despite the incidents they still remain globally at medium risk levels and a slight rebound has been evidenced of infections during the last days.

The risk assessment concludes that, globally, the autonomous community is located at alert level 1. By islands, Mallorca, Eivissa and Formentera are at alert level 1, while Menorca is at alert level 0, or controlled risk.

General recommendations

Even so, regardless of the level, the Government of the Balearic Islands maintains a series of recommendations:

  • Keep your distance whenever possible.
  • Mandatory mask indoors. In the case of the exteriors, it is also so if the distance cannot be maintained (including mass events)
  • Hand hygiene. Gels dispensing at the entrance of all establishments open to the public.
  • Preference for outdoor activities.
  • Ventilation of closed spaces and the mandatory presence of CO2 meters in establishments classified as high risk (restaurants, nightlife, clubs for the elderly, gambling and betting venues, gyms, shopping centers …)

De-escalation of restrictions in Mallorca

January and February were the hardest months in terms of restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus. March was the beginning of the de-escalation on the island, timidly to save the tourist season of this 2021. After Easter, on April 11 and 23, the Government updated the restrictions in the Balearic Islands until the end of the state of alarm, on May 9, the day in which the restrictions in Mallorca were slightly lifted. After a summer with changes in restrictions, the relaxation of these measures arrived on September 27, with the reopening of nightlife in the Balearic Islands. October began less restrictive and it was on the 26th of that month when the bulk of these measures were eliminated.