The new restrictions in Mallorca that begin in March leave behind an almost total closure that began on January 13. For now, the measures, which are timid and, in general, more restrictive than in other territories, will be in force for 15 days, at which point they will be reviewed again. What are the main novelties of these restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus? Despite the fact that the curfew is maintained at 10:00 p.m., social gatherings are no longer limited to just one coexistence nucleus and are extended to a maximum of six people from two nuclei, both indoors and outdoors.

Another important announcement that will come into effect on March 2, after Balearic Day, is the opening of the terraces, which return to the streets of Mallorca, but with a lot of control. The service is allowed on terraces, which will have to stop serving at 5:00 p.m., with a capacity of 50% and tables of four people of up to two different coexistence centers.

If the increase in restrictions in January responded to the increase in cases, which placed the islands at extreme risk in January, those in March look to summer, as they aim to save the tourist season.

What can you do in March in Mallorca?

All these measures will come into force on Saturday, February 27, except for two: the one that affects social gatherings and the one that affects the restaurant sector, which will come into effect on Tuesday, March 2.

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BARS AND CAFETERIAS. The main novelty is that the service in the terraces of bars and restaurants is recovered. The service is allowed on terraces, which will have to stop serving at 5:00 p.m., with a capacity of 50% and tables of four people of up to two different coexistence centers. The sale of food and drink continues to take away (until 10 pm) or at home (until midnight). The hotel restaurants and other tourist accommodation are excepted, which may remain open as long as it is for the exclusive use of their lodged clients.

SHOPS AND SHOPPING CENTERS. The capacity is increased from 30% to 50% both in small shops and in large stores. Large stores will continue to be closed on weekends and holidays. The closing of all the trade is maintained at 8:00 p.m.

SPORTS AND GYMS. The novelty in the new restriction package in Mallorca is that it allows a greater opening of gyms, which until now could only do low intensity directed activities, with a maximum capacity of 30%, groups of six and with a mask. Activities can also be carried out in the weight training rooms with some of the equipment (all except cardio), also with a 30% capacity, a mask and three meters away.

OUTDOOR EXCURSIONS: The number of people who can participate in outdoor physical activities, such as excursions, is also increased from 6 to 10.

FAMILY REUNIONS. They lift the current strict norm and social gatherings of a maximum of six people from two cores are allowed, both indoors and outdoors.

POPULAR CELEBRATIONS. No changes are specified in the new restrictions in Mallorca in March. Therefore, the celebration of popular festivals is prohibited, whether they are public or private initiative and promotion, and also all celebrations of a cultural, recreational or sports nature derived or that are part of the programming of these festivities.

CULTURAL AND LEISURE ACTIVITY. In the cultural sector, current measures are maintained, which assume a maximum capacity of 50%, despite the fact that cultural events are allowed in unusual spaces. Congresses, business meetings, and conferences are also allowed, limited to 50 people indoors. Theaters, auditoriums and cinemas (including those in shopping centers) and tent circuses, had already gone from 30% to 50% of their total authorized capacity in the second half of February. In any case, the consumption of food and beverages inside is prohibited.

SPAS, JACUZZIS and similar establishments or service centers, developed in closed spaces, will remain closed until further notice in Mallorca. This restriction also affects hotel services.

SPORTS EVENTS and sports practice. Public attendance at sporting events of any category is prohibited. In addition, the opening to the public of covered sports facilities where the curriculum of regulated official education is not developed. Except for federated sports. In addition, the municipal swimming pools will reopen on Tuesday February 16 with reduced capacity of 30% and a maximum of 3 people per lane (24 people in total)

RESIDENCES AND CLUBS OF OLDER PEOPLE. The regime of visits and exits from the residences is not modified. One visit per day is allowed, and once the vaccination of the centers is completed, the residents are allowed to leave. Yes, the reopening of clubs for older people is allowed with very strict conditions: they can only open for directed activities, of a maximum of six people and without bar service, among others.

covid 19 en mallorca enero

March starts the de-escalation in Mallorca

January and February have been the hardest months in terms of restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus. However, March marks the start of de-escalation on the island, timidly to save the tourist season of this 2021.

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