Against vandalism graffiti and with the aim of caring for and restoring Palma’s historical heritage, the City Council has begun cleaning graffiti with the “aluminum silicate” system to guarantee the conservation of the sand on the 1,450-meter wall that comprises the l’Hort del Rei and Baluard del Príncep area.

“It has not been easy to find a company that can perform these specialized tasks. A few months ago we started removing herbs and now they are gone and we start cleaning graffiti. We have found a company that meets the requirements, it has not been easy because it requires specialized personnel and experience ”, said José Hila, the mayor of Palma. And he added: “People who paint are exposed to a criminal offense.”

Hila thus referred to the company Refoart, which since last August has a four-year contract for 794,035 euros. It includes, in addition to the cleaning of graffiti on the wall, its maintenance and also the reconstruction of mortar joints, replacement of sandstone pieces and the preparation of projects and reports.

The cleaning system that has been used, which has received the approval of the Historical Center Commission and the Heritage Department of the Consell de Mallorca, has been supervised and endorsed by different restoration and conservative experts in order to choose the optimal system cleaning that guarantees better conservation of the sand that makes up the wall.

Restoration of the wall of Palma. Photo: Palma City Council.