The City Council of Palma created “La Mesa del Arbol”, a space in which actions to combat climate change will be announced with the aim of making Palma a greener and more sustainable city. The initiative has the participation of about twenty entities, organizations, parties and associations.

The mayor of Palma, José Hila, stressed that achieving a greener city is key for everyone’s participation. “It is a city project and that is why I want to thank the involvement of the members of the Table and the willingness to help us improve Palma”, said the mayor.

“La Mesa del Arbol” aims to create a space with the presence of entities, politicians and technicians where to publicize the actions promoted by the council to achieve the objective of planting 10,000 trees to combat climate change as well as agree on the strategic lines to improve the palm tree management plan and actions to improve diversity and the soil, among others.

This body is made up of the coordinators of the five Districts (Centro, Levante, Norte, Playa de Palma and Pla de Sant Jordi and Ponent), as well as representatives of the municipal political groups (Partido Popular, Ciudadanos, Podemos, Más quiero Palma and Unidos Podemos Palma, Vox), technicians from the Parks and Gardens service, the Palma Verda collective, the Balearic Tree Association, ARCA, the UIB as well as representatives of the Public Works Colleges, the College of Agricultural Engineers, the Federation of Associations of Neighbors and the Federation of Neighbors in the City of Palma.

The Palma City Council constitutes “La Mesa del Arbol” to face climate change. Photo: Palma City Council.