Sunday night was a real earthquake in Calvià with the performance of Muse at the Mallorca Live Festival. The band showed why they are able to congregate huge crowds and fill stadiums in a matter of minutes when they played at the Estrella Damm Stage 1 of the Mallorcan festival, where they were seen by nearly 24,000 people.

The British band performed for the first time in the Balearic Islands -in what was their first date with national festivals this year- and offered an apotheosis concert. Only two months after the release of their new album, Will of the People, Matt Bellamy and his band blew the place away with the title track and ‘Won’t Stand Down’, which anticipates an obvious turn to metal. But the band delivered a varied setlist in which they reviewed some of their unquestionable anthems, such as ‘Supermassive Black Hole’, ‘Uprising’ or ‘Plug In Baby’.

Known for their spectacular staging, Muse came to the island armed with pyrotechnics, lighting, powerful audiovisuals and a giant hooded head with a reflective mask. Such a show had never before been seen on the islands.

Stage 1 Estrella Damm opened with the live performance of the Mallorcan band Alanaire, one of the most promising bands of the Balearic scene. But the first highlight of the day was the always special live performance of Guitarricadelafuente. Accompanied by his inseparable guitar, Álvaro Lafuente presented his new songs to a devoted audience, where he flirts with electronic and urban sounds, without forgetting to review some of the most acclaimed songs of his brief but successful career, such as ‘Agua y mezcal’ or ‘Guantanamera’.

After him, Metronomy signed one of the best concerts that have been seen this weekend at the Old Aquapark of Calvià. The British presented their latest album, Small World, and got the audience in their pocket with their catchy rhythms.

Stage 2 INNSIDE by Meliá was a curious showcase of styles, from the vintage electronica of Agost, the punk guitars of Biznaga, the very personal pop of Sen Senra, the fun show and good vibes of Milky Chance and the return of Cupid who, faced with the challenge of coinciding in time with Muse, came out of the show with the support of their infallible followers.

But if there was a band that had caused expectation on the island that was Justice. The French duo deployed all their electronic arsenal to close the festival in style with a show marked by hypnotic light effects.

Some of the most explosive and fun rock proposals of the day passed through Stage 3 Ferry GNV. The Mallorcan trio Peligro! was the first to step on these stages, followed by the demonstration of strength and grit of the Galician Agoraphobia, the great garage party of Mujeres and the irreverent live mix of punk attitude and performance of Parquesvr. The electronic music then took the reins to close the stage, with the irresistibly seductive dance session of Latin rhythms of the Mexican Pahua.

In parallel to Justice’s show, The Blessed Madonna made a good part of the audience dance on Stage 4 Tanqueray 0.0. The day was opened by the Mallorcan DJ Ángeles Marqueño, followed by Tato Isgud (replacing Enric Ricone, who had to leave at the last minute due to fortunate personal circumstances) until we reached some of the highlights of the night with the live performance of Kas:st and the splendid sessions of Ben Ufo and the aforementioned The Blessed Madonna, who closed a magical night on the Mallorca Live dancefloor.

Throughout Sunday the audience could attend the Happening Market, the new design market of Mallorca Live, which featured some of the best gastronomic proposals of the island. On its stage (the fifth), there were performances as diverse as Pullman, Marta Knight, La Paloma, Aina Losange or Jansky.