The first measures of the decree to save energy come into force today. The “Royal Decree-Law 14/2022, of 1 August, on economic sustainability measures in the field of transport, in terms of grants and study aids, as well as measures for energy saving, energy efficiency and reduction of energy dependence on natural gas” can be quite tedious to understand. At Mallorca Caprice we offer you a summary of the most important aspects of this new regulation.

Temperature limits and closed doors

  • Limit the use of air conditioning to 27 degrees in summer and heating to 19 degrees in winter.
  • Shops and establishments will have to justify the non-application of the temperature limit on the thermostat. This flexibility is incorporated in the decree law to protect workers’ rights as well as their occupational health.
  • The timetable for switching off shop window lighting will be from 22:00 hours onwards.
  • Installation of automatic doors or mechanical closures. Obligation to have a door closing system for premises when they have an air-conditioning system in operation. In this case, establishments have until 30 September to adapt to the provision.

Exceptions to the temperature limit

  • Hospitals, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, training centres, hairdressing salons, gyms, laundries, planes, trains or ships are excluded.
  • There will be no obligation to apply the maximum and minimum temperatures in workplaces where it is necessary to maintain “appropriate climatic conditions” for workers, such as restaurant kitchens.
  • The government specifies that businesses such as bars and restaurants can limit the use of air conditioning to 25 degrees Celsius, taking into account the recommendations of labour legislation.

For more information on the new energy saving law, you can download the energy saving measures of the decree.

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