The Consell de Mallorca has released a video explaining the cycling routes in order to spread the heritage of Mallorca through sustainable mobility. The 16 marked cycling routes according to the type of roads, indicators of difficulty and safety or points of scenic and cultural interest, are included in the 582 signposting elements that serve as a guide for both residents and cycling practitioners inside and outside the city. Island.

The signaling of these cycle paths is part of a project financed with funds from the Sustainable Tourism Tax amounting to 246,046.83 euros.

The Regional Minister of Territory, Maria Antònia Garcías has highlighted the importance of “knowing Mallorca in a respectful way with the territory and also the benefits of sustainable sports tourism”. On the other hand, Garcías also stressed that the signs “indicate the safest routes to go from town to town, avoiding the most dangerous roads.”

The 582 signage elements refer to four themes: Villages, Lighthouses, Ermitas and Serra and are located in four sectors of Mallorca: Levante, Central, Ponent and Nord, and indicate four levels of difficulty.

There are information panels with a map of Mallorca with the 16 cycling routes, at the entrance and exit of each town. You can also find additional panels, which indicate specific characteristics of the road, such as the start of large climbs, hills or mountains. The signs with arrows indicate the safest routes that connect the municipalities and points of interest in Mallorca.