Mallorca is present throughout this week in the Netherlands, specifically in the Dutch city of Utrecht, where an action is being carried out to promote the island as a sports and gastronomic destination. The action is developed in coordination with the office of Turespaña in the Netherlands and the night of June 27 began with a networking and promotional event with an important group of prescribers of this country.

The island’s director of Tourism Promotion, Lucia Escribano, presented this action in the Dutch city and stressed that it is essential “not only to show an emerging market with respect to sports tourism, but also to focus the promotional action on seasonal products that also contribute to boost others such as gastronomy”.

The event has also counted with the participation of the president of ASCAIB, José Cortés, in charge of designing a menu that can be enjoyed throughout the week in the central restaurant Winke van Sinkel, and that is having an excellent reception by all attendees.

The fact that this year the Vuelta Ciclista a España starts precisely in Utrecht has been the reason for designing a promotional event for Mallorca in this market. It should be noted that this sporting event starts on August 19 in Holland and has three stages in Utrecht, Hertogenbosch and Breda. In this way, Mallorca is positioned in the center of the European sporting spotlight.

Networking, sports and gastronomy

Although the event takes place throughout the week, yesterday it began with a tasting dinner of traditional Mallorcan recipes using local produce, designed by chef José Cortés. It should be noted that the restaurant where the meeting took place is a long-established establishment in the city of Utrecht and is located in a protected building, neoclassical style, located in one of the most dynamic environments of this town.

More than 60 agents and journalists have been able to taste this menu that aims to bring the island through the palate through a proposal as Mallorcan as it is the trempó, loin with almonds and tumbet, Mallorcan sea bass, and desserts, cremadillos with sobrasada and honey. Mallorcan wines of Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca were also served.

These same dishes can be tasted by the clients of the restaurant Winke van Sinkel until next Sunday. In addition, in the same environment, an information point has been installed in the center of the city that throughout this week brings the Dutch closer to the sports proposal of Mallorca, with special emphasis on the sport of cycling, given the timing of the celebration of the Vuelta Ciclista a España.