In the company corporate blog RIU Hotels & Resorts CEO describes his daughter’s ability to handle the finances of RIU Hotels.


For the last three years, Naomi Riu, daughter of the owner of the RIU Hotels hotel chain, has controlled the company’s finances. From her position, especially relevant during the crisis caused by COVID-19, Naomi Riu has been applying everything she learned during her training stage.

After studying Business Administration and Management in Barcelona, the youngest woman in the Riu family did a semester internship in the CaixaBank Financial Planning department. The next two years she worked at Price WaterHouse Coopers in Madrid. It was a job that she combined with a Master in Auditing and Accounting.

But the day has come to invest all the effort and talent in the house. And that is how Naomi Riu decided to travel to Gran Canaria to gain more experience in Operation: “we were six months at the Riu Palace Maspalomas, which is the time I remember most fondly, apart from the early rises and the physical effort of that stage”

Although Naomi Riu’s idea was to spend more time in the Canarian archipelago, from the central offices, Carmen Riu told her that she was needed here to take on the Financial Management, until now managed by Juan Trian Riu, who was now ready for his next step.

Naomi Riu received the proposal with enthusiasm and describes those moments this way: “I was three months by Juan’s side to learn the operation and the day-to-day life of a department that includes Finance, Treasury and Reporting to Shareholders. It is not a long time to take such responsibility. But it is true that Juan has been a great teacher and that he continues to be there whenever I need him ”.

RIU’s finances have always been closely supervised by the family and Naomi believes that “they are an essential department for the company and a great responsibility.” The crisis, in this sense, has meant a test for them: “When the crisis hit in March we had weeks of real madness. I lived with great concern. We had never faced a situation of zero income, and without the ability to anticipate how long we would be working in an only-expenses scenario. Thanks to the exhaustive control, invoice to invoice, from the Treasury and the financing, which was achieved thanks to our balance sheet and solvency, we were able to cope with those first months at some speed”.

Within the chain, the position of Luis Riu in Work and Expansion and Naomi Riu in Treasury generates tensions that they have managed to solve in a healthy way: “In recent months we have dealed much more than in previous years. My father is a very tough boss, very demanding. I understand his position, although now I have to be conservative and realistic. But for me, Luis Riu is the essence of RIU and, even if we fight, he will continue to have all my admiration ”, concludes Naomi. Luis Riu introduces his daughter, Naomi Riu, who will be in charge of the finances of RIU Hotels
In the company corporate blog RIU Hotels & Resorts CEO describes his daughter’s ability to handle the finances of RIU Hotels.

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