Mario Vaquerizo and his band, the Nancys Rubias, will give a concert in Mallorca on August 26. It will be in the framework of Mallorca Live Summer with Fangoria, the group made up of his wife, Alaska, and Nacho Canut. In Mallorca Caprice we have talked with the multifaceted character before this concert that promises to amuse the Mallorcan public.

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– We wanted to search and dig a bit into its relationship with Mallorca. Have you been to the island a lot? What do you like most about it?

– I have gone to Mallorca for many reasons. In some cases to visit the people I admire the most, Pep and Joan from Diabéticas Aceleradas; to Estrella, who worked at the Flexas bar together with Terremoto. Also to DJ at the tennis championships that were held in 2011-12 and of course performing with Nancys Rubias at festivals. Also in Inca I got on a bus to celebrate gay pride and we performed in the bullring, which was wonderful, accompanied by Topacio Fresh. Finally, I have been lucky enough to step on the stage of such an emblematic place as the Auditorium twice in a row with the theater “Love is in the air” and “Love is still in the air”, with Bibiana Fernández and Manuel Bandera. Talking about Mallorca is talking about a place that I love, totally international, cosmopolitan and people with a lot of common sense. Mallorcans are open-minded, they are not prejudiced at all and they welcome all kinds of proposals, both personal and professional. The Cathedral is also impressive and thanks to a mutual friend we were lucky enough to be given a tour of it. I was able to see the Barceló frescoes, which are spectacular. And the center of Palma seems beautiful to me. I would like to have more relationship with the island, but unfortunately the day has 24 hours… What I like the most is the light that Mallorca has, even cloudy days have a certain charm. I like Mallorca and it’s always nice to visit the island.

– What can the public expect from the concert that Nancys Rubias will give in Mallorca on August 26?

– People who have paid a ticket to see Nancys Rubias will expect the best and we will certainly give our best, we demand it to ourselves. As we are lucky that we have a lot of fun on stage, the audience ends up appreciating and enjoying it. We act not for money, but for fun, but we are lucky that we get paid, and a lot, for having fun. I take my best friends, who are the Nancys Rubias, and every weekend we perform in all kinds of cities and towns in Spain, even abroad. That ends up being transmitted. When you see a group that is fed up with their peers or doesn’t like what they’re doing because it’s an imposition, the public picks it up. We now have hits from other artists sung by the Nancys Rubias, so I think the attendees will have a great time because they will know the songs.

-In 2018 you participated in the Inca Pride. This year Palma has announced its own “pride week”. Will we see you around here?

– You are talking to people who consider themselves queers, we would love to go, but surely we are in another pride of another city in Spain. We have never had any rejection and we are part of the group, but it is impossible to be in all the prides. One day it will be achieved and we will be there.

– Rosalía, Joan Manuel Serrat, Christina Aguilera, Maluma, Muse, Estopa, Fito, Marc Anthony, Manolo García, Lola Índigo… This is going to be the summer of concerts in Mallorca. Which one would you like to go to?

– Rosalía and Maluma, who right now are the most revulsive stars on the international scene. I saw Muse, I was at a festival where I went to see Blondie and I liked them. I respect Christina Aguilera, but I’m not interested in her at all.

– An album that you can’t stop listening to…

– It’s going to sound arrogant, but I’m finishing the new Nancys, which will come out in September. I don’t stop listening to it to check if the voice is okay, the production… In recent months I’ve had so much work that I haven’t been able to listen to an album like on other occasions when you’re lucky that an album obsesses you and you don’t stop listening to it. I’m so obsessive that when I was little I copied Andy Warhol, after reading his diaries, the habit of recording a song that I liked occupying an entire tape. It just played the same song and it happened to me with “Chain Reaction” by Diana Ross and “Heart of Glass” by Blondie. When you get older, you have less time for leisure…

– Journalist, representative, actor, reality shows… what facet do you prefer?

– With all of them, because all of them allow me to be myself and all of them have allowed me to be the owner of my life. When I was little I wanted to be a journalist and I have been. Now I don’t exercise because I have other things, but not because I don’t love being one. Going out on television and collaborating on the radio I also like. I am lucky that they always call me knowing how I am and what I am going to do, with my limitations and with my non-limitations. I’ve always been sincere and I’ve shown myself as I am, that’s why when they call me it’s because they love Mario and everything Mario does is because he feels like it. Otherwise, I say no. Getting your hobbies to become your livelihood is a luxury. I know that it can end, but in the meantime we have to take advantage of it because I am very happy doing it.

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