The Sónar festival arrives in Mallorca this summer with ‘Un SónarVillage a S’horabaixa’. It is a musical proposal in the middle of nature inspired by the format of the emblematic SónarVillage of Sónar Barcelona.

Some of the most important international electronic dance artists will meet with the island’s unique sunsets on three dates during the summer months: July 16, August 6 and September 3.

A first-rate international benchmark thanks to a careful offer that combines the playful with the artistic, the avant-garde and experimentation with the new musical currents of electronic dance, the Sónar festival is a pioneering cultural event that is unique in its format and content.

Since 2002 it has organized more than 50 festivals in different cities around the world, adapting the philosophy of the Barcelona event to unique spaces and environments.

Sonar festival location

According to the organization, the Sónar festival will bring top-level DJs to Calvià’s Old Aquapark, home to Mallorca Live Festival and its Mallorca Live Summer concert series. For this new summer cycle, work has been done on a new space integrated into nature with a capacity of 5,000 people.

More information about the programming of the three dates and ticket sales coming soon. ‘Un SónarVillage a S’horabaixa’ is an initiative of Sónar and Mallorca Live produced by Live & Island.

Este año el festival Sonar toma la isla de Mallorca

This year the Sonar festival takes over the island of Mallorca