CaixaForum offers disruptive programming that recovers illusion and stimulates reflection

Who are we and how do we relate to the world around us? This question runs through the 2021-2022 season at Caixa Forum, which combines culture with scientific dissemination, all artistic proposals that can be visited even on Sundays and holidays between 10am and 8pm.

The exhibition “Pixar. Constructing Characters” is a trip to the animation studio’s ideas laboratory that runs until January 9. For its part, the exhibition “Pharaoh. King of Egypt” runs from
February 11 to June 12 with objects and images from the British Museum.

Fantasy factory

The conception of a magical world expresses “Pixar. Constructing characters”, a series of drawings –storyboards, drafts- that details how the protagonists of films such as Monsters SA and Toy story are delineated. Audiovisual testimonies of the cartoonists reveal the insand outs behind each project.

Egypt: the empire that fascinates

From large busts to beautifully carved stone reliefs, “Pharaoh. King of Egypt” is made up of about 140 pieces. Explore the symbolism and ideology of Egyptian royalty and set out to discover the world behind these pharaohs who ruled the Nile Valley. The season also offers one more sample. “Apollo 11. The arrival of man on the Moon” recalls one of the most important feats in
the history of mankind. It will take place from July 6 to October 16.



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