The Sant Sebastià 2022 concerts in Palma, which were canceled in January due to the pandemic, already have new dates. Precisely this year, when the budget and the lineup of artists promised a more massive ‘revetla’, it ran into the high incidence of the sixth wave. Months later, the artists announced during the Sant Sebastià festivities will finally take to the Palma stage.

Sant Sebastià 2022 concerts dates in Palma

The program of concerts will be opened by the Majorcan artist Rels B. Unknown to a large part of the public, he is one of the Spanish rappers with the greatest international projection.

  • March 18.
    • Rels B. Parc de Sa Riera. 20:30.
  • March 19.
    • Samantha Hudson. 21:30. Plaza Mayor.
    • Queen Marsa. 23:00. Plaza Mayor.
  • March 25.
    • Maika Makovski. 21:30. Plaza Rey Juan Carlos I.
    • The Hives. 23:30. Plaza Rey Juan Carlos I.
  • March 31.
    • Mala Rodríguez. 21:30. Plaza Rey Juan Carlos I.
    • Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Cachimba. 23:00. Plaza Rey Juan Carlos I.
  • April 2.
    • Cariño. 21:30. Plaza de España.
    • La Casa Azul. 23:00. Plaza de España.
  • April 8.
    • Qanarusa. 20:30. Plaza Mayor.
    • Al Mayurqa. 22:00. Plaza Mayor.
    • Mon Joan Tiquat. 21:30. Plaza de España.
    • Cabrón. 22:15. Plaza de España.
    • Roba Estesa. 23:00. Plaza de España.
  • April 9.
    • Natalia Lacunza. 21:30. Plaza de España.
    • Amulet. 23:00. Plaza de España.

Many residents eagerly awaited the rescheduling of the Sant Sebastià 2022 concerts. And this year the lineup includes groups and artists of great national and international fame.

From the Mallorcan Rels B, about whose concert you can read more information in this other article, to groups as consecrated as La Casa Azul. Without forgetting Samantha Hudson, also from Mallorca, who after her time on Masterchef Celebrity gained even more popularity.