Around 600 Ukrainians with flags, “No to war” and “Stop War” signs and insults against the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, gathered in Plaza España to repudiate the Russian invasion that broke out in the early hours of last Thursday .

Children hand in hand with their parents, couples, young people and older people gathered in a semicircle in the middle of the square to demand an end to the bombing. From time to time the cry “Murderer Putin” was heard on that stage that mixed rage, anguish and indignation with interventions in Ukrainian, English and Spanish.

In addition to the end of the invasion, the Ukrainians in Mallorca have demanded humanitarian aid from the EU, sanctions against the Russian government and support from NATO. And they have also organized with donations to send to their compatriots.

“They are killing people. We have to react,” Yurik Zubko, a representative of the Ukrainian family association, said in part of his speech. “It cannot be that a war begins in the 21st century,” he concluded to the applause and clamor of his compatriots.

The Ukrainian community in Palma demanded an end to the war. Photo: JIO.