The Christmas lights in Palma will be turned on next Thursday, November 26. The illusion of Christmas lighting will hit more streets this year than ever, starting the day before Black Friday. From the Palma City Council, they are committed to maintaining the Christmas lighting as it is an element that invites you to walk and enjoy the city. A way to promote local commerce. Without forgetting the illusion it generates among citizens, even more so in a year marked by the COVID-19 crisis.

Christmas lights in Palma. Foto: Tolo Ramón.

This year, the Christmas lights in Palma bring two important novelties. The first is that they will reach more streets than in other years. In addition, for the first time a 23-meter-high tree is installed in Parque de la Mar that will allow you to walk underneath and take pictures. In total, the Christmas lighting will dress 225 streets in 65 neighborhoods of Palma, of which 33 streets will release new materials. Streets such as Torcuato Luca de Tena (Pere Garau), Indalecio Prieto (Son Gotleu), on the way to Son Rapinya, General Riera and Jaume Balmes will have lighting this year.

The City Council allocates 1,445,000 euros to Christmas lighting

The streets that this year will release new materials are the following: General Riera, Camí de Son Rapinya, Torcuato Luca de Tena, Indalecio Prieto, Jaume Balmes, Plaça Major, Plaça Mercat, 31 de Desembre, Francec Suau, Ample de la Mercè, Volta de la Mercè, Blanquerna, Brossa i escales, Can Brondo, Can Veri, Forn des Racó, Joan Crespí, Jovellanos, Llotjeta, Moncades, Monges, Oms, Orfila, Plaça Olivar, Puigdorfila, Rafael Rodriguez Mendez, Reis Catòlics, Sant Felip Neri , Sant Nicolas, Sant Esperit, Serra de Marina, Tous i Maroto and Verge de la Salut.

Help small businesses

The Mayor of Palma has assured that this year it is important to keep the Christmas lights in Palma. First, “for children and families. Children deserve to be able to enjoy the Christmas lights. But also, since it is a different Christmas from other years, with fewer activities, the Christmas lights will offer an attraction in our neighborhoods, in the center. Keeping them was very important because they will help the small business, our restaurants, cafes and bars. To people who work. To small businessmen”, said Jose Hila.

Christmas lights in Palma. Photo: Marta Torres

1160 palm trees and 200 palm trees will have ornamentation

The Christmas lights in Palma for these 2020-2021 holidays are committed to illuminated trees, in line with last year due to their good reception. 1160 palm trees and 200 palm trees will be ornamented. This represents an increase of 200 illuminated trees compared to last year. Other figures for the Christmas lighting in Palma are 30,000 more meters of garland, up to 265,580 meters.

How much do Christmas lights cost in Palma this year? In total, the Consistory allocates 1,445,000 euros, of which 660,000 euros, 45%, are allocated to the renewal of materials. This budget includes the custody, assembly and disassembly of all the material.