The Mallorca Cathedral is now ready to experience The Festival of Light. An event that only takes place twice a year: on February 2 (2nd of 2), with the festival of Candelaria, and on November 11 (11th of 11), coinciding with San Martín. A celebration that every year causes maximum expectation due to the unique play of lights that is created in the Palmesan temple.

In the Festival of Light, the major and minor rose windows of the Seu line up and form an 8 due to the entry of sunlight into the impressive Gothic setting of the Cathedral.

This year, due to the current health crisis and capacity restrictions, the Mallorca Cathedral has chosen to offer this event behind closed doors by streaming on its YouTube channel and website. It will be from 8:15 in the morning. In this way, all those interested in this magical event will be offered the possibility of witnessing it from home. For an hour, you can enjoy this explosion of color online, thanks to the 1,115 pieces of glass that make up the main rose window of the Cathedral.

Fiesta de la Luz Catedral de Mallorca

Previous Festival of Light. Photo: Catedral de Mallorca.