The 2022 edition of the Cançons de la Mediterrània festival programmes a total of seven concerts in July. They will take place in Ses Voltes and aim to highlight the musical, cultural and linguistic diversity of the countries and regions that share the Mediterranean geographical framework.

As a novelty, this year the festival is launching the Cançons Residence for contemporary creation of popular and Mediterranean roots music. A project in which six musicians will work freely and collaboratively on a newly created show, which will be the opening concert on 19 July. The artists selected for this residency are Diego Iribe, Maria Adrover, Benjamín Salom, Sebastià Mut, Isabel Miquel and Laia Ferrer. Casandro Balosso-Bardin will be in charge of directing the residency, which will begin on 11 July at the ACA Foundation.

As for the Cançons de la Mediterrània programme, until 23rd July Carlos Denia (Valencia), Rusan Filiztek (Kurdistan), Antonio Smiriglia (Sicily), Veja (Croatia), Samah Mustafa (Palestine) and Monsieur Doumani (Cyprus), who will close this year’s edition, will be performing at Ses Voltes.

cancons de la mediterrania

Presentation Cançons de la Mediterrània 2022. Photo: Ajuntament de Palma.

Cançons de la Mediterrània 2022 programme

  • Tuesday 19 July, 21:30. Ses Voltes. Showcase of the Canciones de creación (Creative Songs Residence). The musicians will represent different areas of the Balearic scene, such as popular and traditional roots music, electronic and urban music and more academic music.
  • Wednesday 20th July, 21:30. Ses Voltes. Carlos Denia (Valencia). Flamenco singer, guitarist, composer and arranger. In his performance in Cançons del Mediterrània he will present the show El paraíso de las palabras, where he gives voice and music to the Andalusian poets who lived in Valencian territories between the 9th and 13th centuries.
  • Thursday 21 July, 21:30. Ses Voltes. Rusan Filiztek (Kurdistan). Originally from Diyarbekir, Filiztek learned to play the saz with his father before studying at renowned music schools such as those of Sakarya and the University of Marmara.
  • Friday 22 July, 21:30. Ses Voltes. Antonio Smiriglia (Sicily). Amanti, Santi e Naviganti is his new solo project. In his work, Mediterranean musical culture takes on a new air with different accents and influences from folk, jazz and even progressive rock.
  • Friday 22nd July, 23:30. Ses Voltes. Veja (Croatia). Veja’s musical project began in 2007, when a group of young people from the Croatian region of Istria created a band based on traditional songs and melodies, but interpreted with contemporary arrangements.
  • Saturday 23 July, 21:30. Ses Voltes. Samah Mustafa (Palestine). She is a singer, musician, vocal therapist and music therapist of Tilestinian origin. Her work is influenced by Eastern classical singing and Arabic folk music.